Testament Volume 1

Testament Volume 1 Reprint Cover


Testament is a 60-page fully colored graphic novel (a 52-page main story and an 8-page bonus story).

Inspired by Mad Max and Vampire Hunter D, this science fantasy series takes place in the year 10,081 on the planet Von. Von is a harsh planet composed of five regions, each one ruled by antagonistic warlords.

The story focuses on Karl, an orphaned drifter and swordsman, who arrives to the region of Reinland on a quest for revenge. The region of Reinland is controlled by the oppressive King Albrecht. The King has started occupations in the other regions of planet Von in hopes of recovering the technology of his ancient ancestors, the Old Gods.

The 52-page main story is written by Chimera, line art by Juliano Da Silva, colors by Marcos Martins,  and lettering by Eric Weathers. The 8-page painted bonus story is written by Chimera with art by Preston Asevedo.