Testament Volume 2

Clayton Barton Testament Vol 2 cover 1
Testament Volume 2 Joe Ball Cover


Karl von Magnusson, a swordsman descended from Ancient Gods, allies himself with a rebel group to prevent total war by the vicious King Albrecht. The group seeks to gain allies from the east. Along the way, Karl discovers new abilities and ancient artifacts to help him defeat the evil king.

Testament Volume 2 is a *68-page* full color sci-fi and sword & sorcery graphic novel. The main story is written by Chimera, with line art by Juliano Da Silva, colors by Farah Nurmaliza & Marcos Martins,  lettering by Ibai Canales, and script/story edits by Aldous. The black & white bonus story is written by Chimera, with  art by Jason Crager, and lettering by Ibai Canales. A 2-page Testament Volume 3 preview is also included.

Lore Book

lore book world of testament

The ashcan is an illustrated lore book with art by Jason Crager, Doodle Bags, Rafael Chrestani, colors by Marcos Martins. Cover by Jason Crager and Marcos Martins.

The lore book will go into the history and background of the world detailing the royal family, various wars fought, origins of the Old Gods, character bios and much much more!